Supersillyus — The Charade Remixes [2018]

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Аудио-шарады от Supersillyus и Ко. несут в себе полный магический арсенал бывалого саунд-иллюзиониста. Псайдаб с двойным дном, глитчевое ловкачество, а присутствие этники накачивает эту музыку мистицизмом.

Robert Jacob Max is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer based in Denver, Co. His extensively layered soundscapes and penchant for cinematic storytelling take listeners on a truly extraordinary adventure through unique rhythms and poignant melodies. Part composer, part comedian, Supersillyus commands an army of synths and sounds with the computer to enchant more than just the brain with his live electronic performances.

Believing that there must be more to computer music than just playing tracks behind a six foot folding table, Robert assembled the Supersillyus Lifeband, an immersive live band experience combining the energy and chaos of live instrumentation with the infinite technical possibilities of electronic interactivity. The band is an ever growing and evolving supergroup lineup, featuring the brilliant talents of Ed Mann (Frank Zappa), Carmen Esteves (Brooklyn Gypsies), and the psychedelic power trio lespecial.

Robert’s passion for his uniquely expressive and creative brand of instrumental storytelling is exemplified not just by his multiple support performances with visionary musicians Shpongle, Tipper, and Ott, but also by his musical contributions to renowned art institutions such as COSM and Meow Wolf; and by his production and performance collaborations with bass music masterminds Space Jesus, Yheti, and more.

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Boston ///
released December 20, 2018

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