Balancé — Good Balance For All [2008]

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Записанный еще 10 лет назад испанцами Balance, альбом «Good Balance For All» не выглядит ни капли устаревшим. Медитативный по темпу и абсолютно креативный в деталях, этот чилловый псайбиент подобен добротному вину, с любовью сделанному и хорошо выдержанному в бочках из натурального дерева.

It was in 2007 when an invitation from Psyart Records (Hugo Lino) to play in one of his events joins Nuno Riba (Guitar) and Serge de la Rue (Clarinet and voice) to the productions of Pedro Monteiro. The experience was incredible, Balancé was born and from there it was all very quick. We started to be part of an extraordinary team — Quantic Chill Records (José Cordeiro — Marlene Garden — Gil Pulido) — full of excellent artists like Sérgio Walgood, Ambiens Indages, Teresa Gabriel, Smiley Pixie … and after a performance in one of the most beautiful spaces that existed in Lisbon — Tuatara (Martim João) we received the invitation to play at the Boom Festival Official 2008 and the idea of ​​recording the first work that ended up being presented in this edition of the Boom Festival arises. Something we’ll never forget!

Today, 10 years later, we recovered that our first work.
we invite you to make this trip with us in time and remember the songs that gave rise to the project Balancé!

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Good balance for all!

An Portugal based producer of psychedelic chillout his music reflects their emotions and feelings.
a travel around the space with psychedelic downtempo, chillgressive space music to proposal to connect with the music, atmosphere and live an amazing sensations experience.

«… life is balancé, you’ll be balance to the rhythm of our feet.» less

«In the sincerity of the instruments, a melodious sound of soft and sweet timbre establishes with the ambience, widening the space of our imagination and leaving it to flow tranquilly.

The smiling melodies and dreamy beatings make of this sound a transport for pure and true motions.»

Produzido por Pedro Monteiro e Nuno Monteiro
Masterizado por Estudio do Canto
Design Grafico por Mike — [email protected]
released January 19, 2017

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